Clinical Features

Striae rubra- initial appearance, red to violet elevated lines that can be mildly pruritic.

  • Phase may last one to two years
  • It is at this phase that improvement is most likely to occur with treatment

Striae alba- over time colour gradually fades, and the lines become white or silvery.

  • Lines become atrophic, sinking below the surrounding skin
  • Skin surface has a fine, wrinkled appearance.
  • Usually permanent but may fade somewhat over time.
  • More difficult to achieve an improvement in appearance

Stage 1

Early stretch marks will appear pink in colour, and may also be itchy. The skin immediately around the stretch marks may also look ‘flattened’ and ‘thin’.

Stage 2

Gradually, the stretch marks will enlarge in length and width and become a reddish or purple colour.

Stage 3

Once the stretch marks have matured, they lose their reddish/pink hue. In the months after pregnancy, they will start to fade and become pale white or silver. They may also appear slightly depressed and irregular in shape or length.